Leading authentic, human-centric organizational change

What We Do

1. Change & Visual Storytelling

From where you are to where you aspire to be
Branding & Strategy

Entry point Lead change and realize your strategy

Innovative solutions that inspire your people and advance your strategic objectives

  • Build a fit-for-purpose change strategy and compelling storytelling for your aspirational future
  • Understand your audience segments and tailor messages appropriately
  • Assess your readiness for change
  • Deconstruct the change and identify the gaps you need to bridge
  • Methodically create and execute a plan to mobilize your people

Entry point Invent a compelling brand identity

Words, images and symbols matter - let's design the right ones for you

  • Design a brand identity aligned with your vision and values
  • Ideate and craft the stories, symbols and key messages that support your brand
  • Develop easy to use templates to facilitate the execution of communication assets

2. Teams & Leadership

Foster inclusive leaders and effective teams
Teams & Leadership

Entry point Build and Nourish effective teams

Address head on today's challenges on individuals and teams by building the right employee experience where each team member is supported and collegiality drives results

  • Design and support your governance and collaboration structures
  • Assess team strengths and challenges
  • Set in motion project team effectiveness improvement programs

Entry point Develop authentic, empathetic leaders

Enable leaders to show up, connect, communicate with empathy and inspire belonging

  • Develop your leadership brand and supporting communication strategies
  • Provide leadership training & coaching
  • Craft and monitor leadership action plans to initiate and sustain momentum

3. Culture & Belonging

Connect, belong and deliver an outstanding employee experience
Culture & Belonging

Entry point Evolve your culture

Foster and reinforce the right individual and collective behaviors

  • Identify ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving that support or hinder your goals
  • Develop employee personas and journey maps to inform and anchor your strategy
  • Create culture mobilization plans to harness the things you already do well in order to tackle the areas that challenge you

Entry point Foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

Support a culture that proactively values equal representation, opportunity and employee well-being

  • Uncover and understand the nuances of who you are and where you are starting your DEI journey from
  • Develop a DEI strategic vision, goals and the roadmap to get you there
  • Provide broad and specific DEI training (Influential history, implicit bias, microaggressions, cultural intelligence, identity and intersectionality, etc.)
  • Monitor your progress with a data-driven approach towards realistic milestones

About Us

FosterWe exists to reimagine the individual and team experience of change initiatives...

... by focusing on fostering human connection and belonging. These are foundational elements necessary to spark behavior and organizational culture change.

We are a team of experienced professionals, coaches, consultants, storytellers and authentic change makers partnering with our clients to advance their strategic business and people objectives.

Marcos Goldstein Marcos Goldstein
x With over 12 years of consulting experience in the areas of people strategy, change management, communications, leadership, culture and team effectiveness, Marcos strives to help individuals and teams feel empowered, connected and fulfilled at work.

Marcos founded FosterWe to lead change in a holistic, creative and deeply people-centric way.

He lives in Portland Oregon with his dog Gouda who is featured heavily in all the stories we tell.
Marcos Goldstein

Founder & Principal
Change Maker

Katarina Jones Katarina Jones
x Katarina brings over a decade of experience developing leaders and effective teams; From launching startups in the UK to coaching leaders at companies like Sony, Square, Reddit and Twitch in Silicon Valley. Her superpower is bringing out the best in your people to increase productivity, improve morale and foster an organizational culture that takes your business to the next level.

She lives in the Bay Area with her husband, daughter, and two cats, and spends as much time as possible exploring the outdoors.
Katarina Jones

Leadership Development &
Coaching Director

Julio Centeno Julio Centeno
x Julio has over a decade of experience as a front-end designer and developer. While his formal education is in engineering, his passion is in video game design and development which comes in very handy in his role at FosterWe.

He is unflappable and consistent in pushing the creative team to bring the best of themselves to every experience we create.

He lives in Málaga, Spain, drinking coffee and bringing to life seemingly impossible ideas.
Julio Centeno

Creative Director

What we live by

Entry point Integrity

We are uncompromisingly authentic and bring our whole selves to each and every interaction

Entry point Empathy

We seek to understand. Because your strategic and human drivers are what matters to us

Entry point Service

Our clients, our community and the planet come first

Entry point Results

Everything we do is in practical pursuit of your people and business objectives. Moving your needle is foundational

Let's Talk

FosterWe is here to help you strategize, plan and execute human-centric organizational change and effectiveness initiatives. Get in touch with us and let's discover how we can partner to create differentiated experiences for your leaders and team members

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